A Working Day At The Wholesale Market …

… work starts in the early hours, usually just after midnight.

Inspecting arrivals onto the wholesale marketUnload a truck onto the wholesale market

The trucks with the freshly bought products — coming directly from Italy, France or the Netherlands (with overseas products) — are unloaded. The repeated quality inspection and classification of the products is the first and one of the most important tasks of the working day. Afterwards the products, which are ordered in advance, are commissioned. The remaining pallets are presented in such a way to appeal to sales.

Dialogue with client onto the wholesale marketDialogue with client onto the wholesale marketDialogue with client onto the wholesale market

When customers arrive they are an expert consultation and given information regarding current offers and prices. After this, the customers make a choice from our wide range of goods and the selected products. In case of customer pickup, the products are immediately loaded by our coworkers, otherwise they will be delivered on a later date.

Loading onto the wholesale marketLoading onto the wholesale marketLoading onto the wholesale market

During loading we often conduct a general conversation regarding development and the state of the market in general. This gives us the chance to become well informed about the needs of our customers, which we then forward to one of our buying agents, who take note of this during the purchases of the next day in Italy or France. Naturally, we can receive concrete orders and can usually immediately co-ordinate them with an appropriate purchasing agent.

Humour  onto the wholesale market

With our work to the somewhat uncommon business hours one should not lose humor!

Accepting orders onto the wholesale market

Alongside business conversation, communication plays an integral role of our customer relationships. As we ensure that we have face-to-face contact between all of our staff and customers, we can become well informed about our customers needs! This is — even in our stressfull and impersonall society — an important aspect for our business.