Rosalia – Forchtenstein

Surveyor’s plan Forchtenstein-Rosalia

The municipality of Forchtenstein is located in the center of Region Rosalia, a mountain range between the eastern corner of the Alps and the start of the Hungarian lowlands. As the region has a favorable climate, fruits are grown all over the hilly areas. The town of Wiesen in region Rosalia commercially cultivates strawberries, which are marketed in Vienna as Ananas.

Not coincidentally, the history of our enterprise begins here: Our founder, Ernst Sedlatschek, began marketing strawberries and regional fruit in Vienna in 1961. The enterprise lies near to the Castle of Forchtenstein, which lies on a foothill of the Rosalia mountains.

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Wholesale market Vienna-Inzersdorf

Surveyor’s plan wholesale market Wien-Inzersdorf

At the wholesale market Vienna-Inzersdorf, the most important place of transshipment for fruit and vegetable in east Austria, where our sales outlet is located.

The wholesale market was established in 1971 and replaced the Viennese Naschmarkt, which was used as a wholesale market in the early hours. Domestic production and huge quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers and other groceries from around the world are handled here on a daily basis. The wholesale-market — originally devised to supply food retailing to Vienna and eastern Austria — since the 1990's it has supplied all of Central Europe with fresh products. With the establishment of the extension of the European Union in 2004, it became much simpler for retailers to supply to Krakow (Kraków) in southern Poland, Bratislava in Slovakia and Győr or Budapest in eastern Hungary with fresh products.

To access the wholesale market — from the A2, A21 or A23: Take the exit Inzersdorf, and follow the signs to the Großgrünmarkt (wholesale market) to Richard Strauß-Straße and after reaching Vorarlberger Allee, turn left into Laxenburger Straße. The main entrance to the wholesale market Vienna-Inzersdorf is then after approximately 100 m on the right hand side.

To access the wholesale market — coming from the city or the south: From downtown or a southern direction (Laxenburg, Vösendorf), the best way is through coming directly over Laxenburger Straße.

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Sedi-Fruits on wholesale market Vienna-Inzersdorf

Surveyor’s plan Sedi-Fruits on wholesale market

Sedi Fruits has been here since the wholesale market was first opened in 1971. Even though our building makes up a small part of the market, it has been continually extending over the years. Today, we have a sales area of 500 .

In order to access Sedi-Fruits at the wholesale market: Either enter the main entrance (Laxenburger Straße) and take the first left, then turn right after approximately 200 m and take the third block on the left side. Or by the doorway in Heizwerkstraße (05:00 o’clock to 12:00 o’clock), turn right after approximately 30 m.

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