1961: Establishing of company, Viennese Naschmarkt

Van Hanomag

In summer of the year 1961 Ernst Sedlatschek layed down the foundations of the family-owned enterprise. He began to deal in summer fruit — strawberries in particular. Over time, apples were added to the stall. The fruit was transportated at that time with a Hanomag truck and unloaded by hand. Fruits were kept in a small cold-storage depot in the cellar of a single occupancy house.

1970 a new Mercedes truck was purchased. With this, the founder drove to the Naschmarkt in downtown Vienna daily, which at the time was a wholesale market open in the early hours.

1971: The opening of the wholesale market in Vienna-Inzersdorf

In 1971, the opening of the newly built wholesale market in Vienna-Inzersdorf took place. Mr. Ernst Sedlatschek acquired a sales plot at the so-called “free market” — thus on one of the places at the open area of the new wholesale market, only labled by soil markings.

From now on there was much work for the whole family, of which ten children belonged to. In the long run, it was possibly thanks to the othe numerous helping hands that led to the company's development and economic success. By 1976, Maria Sedlatschek, the wife of the founder, had also begun to drive on the wholesale market. In the meantime, one of their older daughters took care of their youngest son, Hubert Sedlatschek, who now — together with his wife Sabine Sedlatschek — run the company.

In 1978, a solid, stationary stand at the green wholesale market was purchased. In the same year, construction of a storage hall in Forchtenstein took place. In 1982, this was extended with the development two cold-storage depots — the entire storage area in Forchtenstein at that time amounted to 438 .

1993: The company take-over by Hubert Sedlatschek

Van Volvo

In 1993, Ernst Sedlatschek began his well-deserved retirement and handed over the enterprise to his youngest son Hubert.

Hubert Sedlatschek immediately began a continuous extension of the assortment and made first contact to south European producers and traders. In addition, since that time, the car park was continuously extended and the sales area at the wholesale market Vienna-Inzersdorf was increased — they grew up to five sale-units.

2007: Modifikations on the wholesale market in Vienna-Inzersdorf

Wholesale MarketWholesale MarketWholesale Market

Today, the wholesale market in Vienna-Inzersdorf we have a 760  in size sales-department, an 600  cold-storage department and a 120  office space, ready to satisfy the needs of our customers at the best possible quality.