Asian Pear
Nashis, Asian Pears
Rosaceae – Rose family
Pyrus pyrifolia


Nashi probably come from a region ranging from Northern China over Korea along to Japan. Botanists assign the Nashi Pear to China and the Nashi Apple to Japan.


Nashi are related to our domestic apples and pears. The trees also resemble each other; they are raised in plantations on trellis and restricted to 2 m in height.


The smell is described as a mixture of pears and the apple variety Golden Delicious. The taste is sweet and sourish the with flavour of pears and a hint of sweet apples. Rough-shelled nashi's have a more aromatic taste than the smooth-shelled varieties.

Species and Varieties

The Asian Pear — Nashi — is represented worldwide with over 100 varieties. The fruit resembles a pear in taste, but an apple in appearance, although it is unrelated to it.


Like our domestic pome fruits, they grow in all moderate areas with warm summers and cold winters. There are cultivated in plantations in Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Chile and in Europe. Nashi-Apples are only cultivated for exportation. From August until October, nashi's are imported from Spain as well as Italy and France, from October to January they come from Japan and from October to May they come from Korea, and from February to August from New Zealand.