Citrus Fruit – Mediterranean Fruits – Subtropical Fruits

Citrus fruits are domestic in Asia and Australia, but have also spread to the warmer regions of the planet e.g. the Mediterranean, Brazil, the USA, Argentina and West Africa. Botanically these fruits belong to the Evergreen Citrus Fruit family, the (Rutaceae).

The family of citrus fruit is very high in variants. Its origin can only be speculated upon based on historical and geographical data.

Citrus fruits inspire wishfulness in us to vacation, sea, sun and the south. In this country, they are “wintered” in the south and matured. With their bright orange, shining yellow and luscious green shades, they bring a sprightly colouring to the table. They taste aromatic and are in great demand as a defense against cold diseases during the cold season.

While oranges, grapefruits or lemons the are used raw, freshly pressed or for refining meals, we come to enjoy blood oranges and Mandarins particularly in the winter months. The major supplier for citrus fruits in Europe is Spain.

However, citrus fruits still have more to offer: Minerals, easily digestible carbohydrates, dietary fibers, low in calories and high in vitamins for the body's defense. One large orange or one grapefruit satisfies the daily needs of vitamin C in an adult.