Rosaceae – Rose family
Malus domestica

The apple is the most renowned and important kind of fruit we have. There is no fruit with such a great variety of breeds that have such impressive storage characteristics.


In ages past, apple trees grew in the forest between different broad-leafed trees. The fruits of this crab- or forest-apple were only as large as a walnut and very sour in taste. Crab apples also grew in Asia. It is assumed that the current apple we consume is a crossbreed of the Asiatic and European crab apples.

By the year 1450, fruit trees were already cultivated in the Far East and Egypt. In Persia, all of the country lanes were covered in fruit trees. The legendary Alexander the Great, who fought against Persia and confederated against the Greeks, brought back different kinds of fruits from his conquests and among them was the apple. From Greece, the apple made its way to Italy along with other fruits. The Romans then took the tasty fruit with them on their campaigns to France and Germany and so the apple was soon among us.

Historical Relevance

From the Christian stories of the sinful apple, the fruit slowly developed into a symbol of power. Emperors and kings held in their hand beside the golden sceptre a gold-plated “orb” as symbol for the world. There is one golden apple that has been kept until this day and it is placed on the pinnacle of St Stephens Cathedral. When the Turks waged war against Vienna in 1683 it was their goal “to conquer the golden apple”.

Apple varieties

ArletBoskoopBraeburnCox OrangeElstarFujiGalaGlosterGolden DeliciousGranny SmithIdaredJonagoldCrown Prince RudolfPink LadyRed DeliciousRoyal GalaRubensRubinetteTopaz.